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Door Prizes

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Halloween 2011

Psychic Fair!

Location:  Hotel Sierra, 830 Bridgeport Ave, Shelton, CT - Click for Map
Date/Time:  Sunday, Oct 30, 2011 - 10AM - 6PM

The brand new Hotel Sierra provides a beautiful, modern backdrop for A Healing Hand's Psychic Fair. 


Intuitive / Psychic Readers:

Karen Cote - Castings, Crystallomancy

Karen owns/operates The Well Sanctuary, LLC.  She is a Shamanic Minister of The Circle of the Sacred Earth, an animal communicator, certified hypnotherapist, Shinpiden Level Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, Emei Qigong practitioner, ShrJye, member of CHHA, IARP, American Board of Hypnotherapists, International, Chinese Boxing Association, B.S. in Education, Certified for Hospice through the Twilight Brigaide. 

At this fair, Karen will use a variety of Divination tools such as Celtic Wisdom Tarot, Shamanic Castings, Celtic Castings, Psychometry, Mediumship, Channeling, Animal Communication (client must have a photo of the pet), Crystallomancy, Geomancy, and Skrying.  As a Shamanic minister and practitioner, Karen is able to expand her consciousness in order to connect to the spirits of the land, plants, animals, the dead and our spirit guides to garner information to bring "clarity" and "healing". These are all "threads" that weave together our multidimensional worlds into one "tapestry." Divination is all about giving clarity and direction when our life is unclear. Much like turning the light on in a darkened room, Divination will shine a light on our path.

Contact Karen HERE

Keri Uihlein - Angel / Intuitive Readings

A gifted clairvoyant from an early age, Keri uses her clairaudience and clairsentience during her intuitive readings.  Oracle/Angel cards are a tool used to help deliver any guidance or messages that are important for you to hear at this time.  Any divine messages are always treated with great respect and given as soon as they are received, whether it is from an angel, spirit guide or loved one who has crossed.  Keri is always willing to help people no matter where on life’s journey they are; Come sit and have an insightful and fun reading!

Keri is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and in addition to readings she offers Reiki/sound/crystal healings as well as various workshops throughout the year. 

Keri's Meetup Group:  Spirit's Healing Loft

Jessie - Spirit Guide Drawings

Jessie is a 3rd generation gifted clairvoyant who uses her gift of second sight to view the spirits around you and uses her artistic gifts to draw them for you.  She has been utilizing her gift for over 25 years, and it is constantly evolving... she now also passes along information from the animal kingdom, crystal kingdom, past lives, color energies, and more! See her FLYER for more info.


Sally Russo - Spirit Photography & Intuitive Tarot

Spirit Photography is not what you might think at first.  Sally does not provide a snapshot of the spirits around a client, rather she gets impressions and information from photographs provided by the client that may contain orbs or images that are unexplainable.  Her reading of these signs and symbols can provide validation that the spirit world is always around us.  If you want this type of reading - don't forget to bring your photos to the fair!  Additionally, Sally provides insight into issues or questions at hand with her lighthearted Tarot cards.  She gently guides the client to a greater level of clarity and awareness.

Mark Hoyt - Intuitive Tarot Readings

Mark has been involved in the energy healing arts since the mid-1980's as an intuitive, natural healer.  He is a certified Reiki Master Teacher of several different Reiki modalities. 

Mark will be providing Intuitive Tarot Readings at the fair, "dispensing sage advice with counsel through the Tarot, and breaking obscure clouds, releasing tranquility into blue vistas"

"Energy flows where attention goes"

Barbara DeLong - Jewel Castings, Medium

Barbara has been on the scene for over 20 years, counting among her accolades "internationally known psychic, lecturer, artist, and ordained Minister." You can read more of her story at her website, including how she developed The Cosmic Deck of Initiation, her mandala based set of oracle cards.  A reading typically covers a year’s time and reflects all aspects of your life and spiritual quests. Barbara's readings are unique in that they can help you during times of stress by giving you ways to move forward, and they also provide insight into your relationship with your internal and external realities.  For Barbara's full bio, click here.

Barbara will also be hosting the Psychic Medium Spirit Circle after the fair, from 6:30PM to 8PM.  Click here for details.

Radio Show:
Facebook Page:

Donna Casey - Astrological Tarot

Donna Casey has been involved with spiritual practices since her teens. She combines the astrological philosophy with Tarot for a unique and enlightening perspective on life. She explores both the mundane and the spiritual to give a new view on the many dimensions we pass through. Not only is she awesome, but she helps others to find that quality within themselves. She truly believes that we are all here to shine. Every one of us is necessary, exquisite and whole, and the more we shine individually, the more we inspire and empower others.

Skye Rowansong - Intuitive Tarot

Skye Rowansong has been studying the Tarot since 2006. Discovering her psychic ability at an early age, she has 12 years of experience with mediumship and channeling. Skye has attended several paranormal investigations and house cleansings. She also currently reads Tarot professionally at some New Age Shops in Connecticut.

Skye Rowansong specializes in Tarot Card readings. She she has a keen intuition and a strong connection with her spirit guides and higher self, allowing her to read the Tarot with ease. Occasionally, she gets intuitive “hits” about those she reads for, allowing for extra information about the querent and their situation to come through. Over the years, her skills have greatly expanded and are expanding still. Even today, she finds new psychic abilities appearing in her life experience, and she hones and strengthens them on a daily basis. Friends and customers say that Skye is an excellent reader who sees more than “merely the card”, and she shows great promise in her intuitive and empathic ability. Other services Skye provides are guided meditations/visualizations, in-person readings, and phone-readings. She also is available for psychic parties!"

Rachel - Animal Communication, Tarot

Rachel can do either a specialized session of animal communication, angel communication, mediumship, intuitive readings or Tarot (or a blend of these types).  She is inspired by clients who want to move forward and want guidance or direction.  Rachel will be using a Halloween Tarot Deck to do readings at this fair.  She has 14 years of experience as a professional reader and prefers that you come with questions so she can jump right to the things that are most important to you. 



Talisman of Monroe

Talisman is a unique new age shop that celebrates universal spirituality.  Owner Laura Lenhard will be on hand with a variety of all things mystical, magical and natural - stones, incense, candles, statues, oils, books, jewelry.  Stop by and chat with Laura, browse her wares, and sign up for her newsletter!



The Connecticut Offices of Respectful Paranormal / Spiritual Examinations was founded by Andrew Neblett, a demonologist for over 28 years, to help those with possessions, hauntings,  curses, hexes, and the unexplained to get rid of their problems.  Lisa Hilliker is the co founder of C.O.R.P.S.E., and shares the same mission. 

At the fair, C.O.R.P.S.E. will be offering FREE possession checks, FREE hypnosis for stress relief, information on hauntings, possessions, curses/hexes, information on hypnosis, octoenergetics, and natural health.  Also, Andrew will be on hand to sign copies of his book, Octoenergetics.


Pat Neilson - Jewelry

Pat and her trusty helper/husband, Mike, will be at the fair vending a wide array of handmade jewelry.  They have beautiful pieces that rival what you might find in a department store, but at VERY reasonable prices.  

Enchanted of Guilford

Enchanted is a lifelong dream of Roni Landino, a Registered Nurse, who manages the store along with her daughter Dawn, herself a Counselor and Massage Therapist.  Roni and Dawn feel grateful to be able to offer a healing atmosphere at Enchanted, where people may explore their spirituality.  Classes, readings, and spiritually uplifting events are part of the mission of Enchanted, as well as providing a New Age shopping experience.

Artistic expression is honored at Enchanted.  The paintings of Angels and Fairies were commissioned by two talented CT artists, and additional works of art by local artisans are available for purchase in the form of cards, paintings, jewelry, etc.  Love of the Earth is expressed in the form of peace flags, bumper stickers, and recycled paper gift bags. Crystals, word stones, wind chimes, and Reiki infused Crystal Journey candles honor Her elements as well as a soothing fountain upon entering the store.  Enchanted is a place of good intentions - and the perfect place to shop when looking for gifts that are unique and meaningful.

At this fair, Enchanted will be vending all manner of goodies:  angels, books, candles, crystals, incense, jewelry, journals, meditation supplies, oracle cards, tapestries, wind chimes, and works of art by local artisans!

Website: (under construction)

The Third Eye Studio

Nadine Gordon-Taylor is a practicing artist and teacher. She has a doctorate in art education and has exhibited nationally and internationally with her Photorealistic paintings. She has won numerous awards. In the last two years, thought, her attention and focus has changed returning to and trusting the intuitive art she created when she was younger. Her messages and advice (via animal and nature symbols in her art), for friends and relatives were so startlingly accurate that she now creates her images for the general public.

Nadine Gordon-Taylor creates original watercolors and has giclee prints made from them. Giclee prints are high resolution digital scans and make the images affordable for all. One can commission and original painting or buy a limited edition print. She is called the Third Eye Studio because she creates: Individual Intuitive Images. Included in the purchase of the art is a detailed outline of what the symbols mean and Nadine's interpretation of how they are meant for the individual


KARMA Jewelry

Each piece of Karma Jewelry is passionately designed by Michele, and there is a deep meaning behind each individual piece.  We proudly introduce the latest designs of spiritual, authentic, and extraordinary Turkish jewelry.  Zinc, Bronze, Silver, and Handcrafted Wire Jewelry will be sold at the event.


Name Your Gift

Name Your Gift will be at the fair selling personalized Christmas ornaments, which owner Kim has been doing for several years.  You can also find Name Your Gift at large venues such as "The Big E". 

Name Your Gift offers 300 different types of ornaments - families, sports, babies, boys, girls, pets, police, fire, etc.  Also, they carry 3D laser glass cubes (2x2 inches) with laser etchings in the center.  


Renée Randall - Personal Clearings

Renée has had a strong connection to the spirit world as far back as she can remember, but her journey to healing did not start until she took the time to stop and listen to the messages.  Her energy work helps you to stop, listen, and understand... beginning your journey of healing.

At the fair, Renée will be offering and information about:  Energy Medicine Healing (Therapeutic Touch), Personal Energy Field Clearing, Space/Property Clearing (Home & Business), Feng Shui Consultations, and Fashion Feng Shui Consultations.

To reserve an appointment slot with Renée prior to the fair:
Phone:  203-988-4198

Deana Paqua, MA, LMT - Energy Balancing

Deana Paqua is a licensed massage therapist, energy healer and shamanic healer and practitioner.  Deana discovered energy healing and shamanic practices over 13 years ago to aid in her own recovery from a serious car accident.  She is very grateful to offer all that she has learned to help others empower themselves to heal and transform their lives.  Offerings:

Energy Balancing - for pain relief, emotional balance, peace of mind - a relaxing hands-on healing session
Power Animal Healing - gain an ally for greater self-healing, awareness, and empowerment
Crystal Skull Healings - for greater spiritual awareness
Retail - some crystals, stones and jewelry may be available for sale


Margaret Taylor, LMT

Margaret earned her college degree as a Health and Sciences Educator, and has worked for 31 years with adults with disabilities and special needs.  Her interest in natural health peaked when she and her son experienced serious health issues.  She believed that the holistic approach held more answers to addressing and healing disease. 

She became a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist to expand her skills.  Her training and experience, combined with strong intuitive abilities, allow Margaret to offer a unique approach to guiding others to improve their overall wellness. 

Margaret’s special interests include:  Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, chronic pain, Autism & Developmental Disabilities, stress reduction.

Modalities include:  Therapeutic Massage, USUI Reiki for people and animals, Energy Work, Chakra Balancing, Acupressure, Health Intuitive Guidance, Spiritual Intuitive Guidance, Sessions, Classes,  Workshops

Offerings at the fair will include:  Therapeutic Chair Massage, Energy Work, Chakra Balancing, and Reiki sessions.  Some unique metaphysical retail items will be available, including Chakra Balancing Kits, Hematite Grounding jewelry, Reiki Charged Bead bracelets, as well as books.

MeetUp Group:    CLICK HERE


Door Prizes:

1 x Spirit Guide Drawing with Jessie
1 x 30-minute Tarot Reading with Sally Russo
1 x 30-minute Reiki Session with Keri
1 x Energy Medicine Healing Session with Renée Randall
1 x 30 minute session with Karen Cote (Reiki, Shamanic Cleansing, Divination, or Meditation Training)
1 x Signed Copy of Octoenergetics Book by Andrew Neblett
1 x $30 Gift Certificate to Enchanted of Guilford
1 x 30-minute Tarot Reading with Skye Rowansong
1 x 30-minute Chakra Balancing Session with Margaret Taylor
1 x 30-minute Energy Balancing Session with Deana Paqua
1 x 20-minute Reading with Rachel of Ravens' Whisper Communications
1 x Small Giclee Print from The Third Eye Studio