Aura Photography & Analysis

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What is Aura Photography?

Example content imageAura Photography is a relatively new development in the age of "new age". It provides a visual representation of the energy field (aura) around a person. It gives many people who are not clairvoyant the opportunity to get a peek at their aura. Kirlian photography was the precursor to modern aura photography, giving a view of the energetic corona around a living thing placed on a photoelectric plate.

What kind of aura photography system do I use?

My particular system is an InnerActive Aura Video Station. I also use a computer, webcam, and photo printer in conjunction with the InnerActive hand sensor and software.

How does it work?

It includes a hand sensor that connects to a computer, transmitting biofeedback data (such as GSR - Galvonic Skin Response) that the computer interprets and translates into an aura photo. InnerActive has spent years perfecting their software, mapping the biofeedback data to particular aura energy states and colors. They worked with clairvoyant healers to determine the corollary visual aspects of the aura for the biofeedback data collected.

What can it do?

Its options allow for a full body Aura / Chakra image (with a superimposed body), or a head-shot-only view of the client with the energies around their upper body. You can also record the changes going on live in the aura and transfer that video to a CD or DVD. The biofeedback data also populates a number of charts and graphs in the software that are available via analysis reports. These include your masculine/feminine energy balance, emotional relaxation graph, body/mind/spirit balance, and more.