Crystal Healing

Crystals have a unique place in the world of alternative healing. They are tools can that generate energy or can be used as tools by an energy worker.  Various types of crystals can amplify energy, disperse energy, balance energy, assist in releasing blocks, defend against negativity of all sorts, ground and center, assist with meditative/altered states and much more.

The unique lattice structure of a crystal makes it an excellent conductor of life force energy, and energy in general (think of your watch... more than likely it has a quartz crystal inside). Each type of crystal has a different chemical makeup, and therefore a slightly different structure. This slight variation in crystalline structure allows crystals to accomplish a wide spectrum of metaphysical purposes.

Crystal healing can be performed in a variety of ways, the simplest of which may be just carrying a stone in your pocket while you go about your day.  More elaborate sessions may include someone laying on a massage table or the floor with a practitioner placing stones on or around them, or setting up crystal grids for a multitude of purposes in your home, office, or in nature. Oftentimes, my sessions are a combination of healing modalities. I will lay crystals on the person and focus energy through crystals to rebalance the aura, in addition to doing Reiki or sound healing.


In addition to being used in healing sessions, pendulums can be used to perform simple Yes-No divination.  ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS make friends with a pendulum before purchasing it!  Not every pendulum works with every practitioner, and not every pendulum will present answers in the same way.  In other words, Pendulum A might indicate a clockwise circle for a Yes and a left-right swinging motion for a no, but Pendulum B may indicate a Yes as an up-down sway and a No as a counter-clockwise circle. 

How to "Make Friends" with your Pendulum

Simply hold the pendulum 2 inches over the center of your palm and say "Show me Yes",  wait for it to react.  When you are certain of the pendulum's response say "Stop."  The pendulum should stop swinging.  Now say "Show me No" and see the reaction.  Last, but not least, say "Do you want to come home with me?" and see if the pendulum responds Yes or No.