Frequently Asked Questions
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How can I best navigate the web store?
When you first enter the store you will be shown product categories. Pick one to start browsing!

Once you select a category, you will see there are 3 view options for navigating the web store:
1.  Grid (default) - shows a picture of the stone
2.  List - shows a picture of the stone and short description (e.g. key words for stones)
3. Table - shows only the stone's name

You can also sort the products, no matter which category view you are utilizing:
1.  Date Added - shows newest products first
2.  Price - sort high to low, or low to high
3.  Name - A to Z, or Z to A 

Can I search your store?
Absolutely!  On the top of the right hand side there is a "search our store" box.  You can search for a stone's name, a specific property (e.g. Grounding or Psychic or Strength), a specific chakra (e.g. "Heart" or "4")

How do I know what my Shipping Expense will be?
If you go into your Shopping Bag, underneath the checkout button you will see a button that says "Change" - you can click that button and set your zip code to calculate actual shipping expense as well as sales tax for CT residents.

Why should I set up an account with A Healing Hand?
When you check out, the web store will ask you for your information (e.g. billing and shipping address).  If you have an account with A Healing Hand you simply sign in and your information is already populated.  Your credit card information is not stored within our system.  If you have a PayPal account your information is stored with them, and if you choose to enter your information without a PayPal account then your information is not stored anywhere.  If you think you will shop here more than once, it's a good idea to create an account.  Also, it will save your cart for you if you start shopping and need to come back to it later.


Search our store:

Search Tips:
1. Put phrases in quotes ("Third Eye")
2.  Say (love AND compassion) to find results with both words
3.  Asterisk (*) is a wildcard so search (ame*)