Join us for a Day of Healing, Learning & Empowerment

Location:  Hyatt House, 830 Bridgeport Ave, Shelton, CT - Click for Map
Date/Time:  Saturday, May 12, 2012 - 9AM - 8PM

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Intro to Practical Herbalism

The class will begin with an overview of history and use of herbs and will include a review of cautions and precautions that should be heeded when adding herbs to your routine.  There will also be plenty of opportunity for Questions & Answers during the workshop, so if you've had a burning question (e.g. herbs that are good for heartburn...)  bring it to the workshop with you!

Sara will also give guidance on how to start "wildcrafting," which is the practice of harvesting plants from their natural (wild) habitat for food or medicinal purposes.  There is a responsible, ethical way to go about wildcrafting and Sara will touch upon this. 

The student will also be left with a variety of resources including books and websites where they can continue their education after this workshop. 

About Sara Thornton:

Lifted from the Ravenswood website, where Sara is the Operations Manager:

Hello, all! I'm Sara Thornton, the caffeinated ops manager, computer geek, science (and coffee. did I mention coffee?) fuelled force of nature driving this wild and crazy ride. I've been studying herbs, vitamins & supplements for more than 30 years, mainly because there were no good treatments for asthma when I was born, then later, because decent medical care was hard to find in the backwoods where I lived. I can be found as often researching the latest supplement or health product as forcibly civilizing the back garden. When you visit, you might even catch me racing back inside in my wellie boots, but I do try to keep clean when the store is open. The emphasis is on try, mind. It doesn't always happen... dirt seems to ambush me when I'm just ambling through the garden. For a terrific interview T.J. Banks did with me, please see her blog at Sketch People.