Join us for a Day of Fun, Learning & Empowerment

Location:  Hyatt House, 830 Bridgeport Ave, Shelton, CT - Click for Map
Date/Time:   Saturday, September 15, 2012 - 8AM - 8PM

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Thought, Magick & Quantum Physics

This workshop will teach you the latest thinking on how your thoughts can create magickal results via quantum physics. Your thoughts create reality! Learn how it works, how it DOES NOT work and how to apply quantum physics in all of your life for positive growth, manifestation and happiness. If you practice magick or not, this class will help you to achieve what you dream! Your health, happiness and success are a direct reflection of your thoughts. Change them, change your life! This workshop is for all levels of ability, non-believers and believers, the magickal and the muggles. All will benefit!


About Andrew Neblett, PhD, CH, Rev:

Andrew Neblett is a certified hypnotist (CT. REGISTERED HYPNOTIST, HYP.0000114), energy kinesiologist, TBM practitioner (Total Body Modification), instructor, hypnosynergetics instructor, author, intuitive counselor, herbalist, Process Coach, and a natural health consultant. He also practices aromatherapy, reflexology, radiesthesia, E.F.T. and iridology. He uses the combination of hypnosis and other alternative health modalities in his practice, Neblett Hypnosis & Wellness Group, L.L.C., with locations in New England and New York. Additionally, he travels to area junior/senior high schools and help students to achieve better grades with hypnosynergetics. He lectures on hypnosis, alternative health modalities and stress management. His book, ‘Octoenergetic Balancing - The 4 Body / 4 Mind Method of Wellness' is now available.