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Location:  Hyatt House, 830 Bridgeport Ave, Shelton, CT - Click for Map
Date/Time:  Saturday, September 15, 2012 - 8AM - 8PM

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Philosophy on Afterlife & Connecticut Hauntings

Nearly every culture throughout history has stories relating to the afterlife - the idea that, in one form or another, our energies continue after our physical death. With this belief in the afterlife also comes the possibility that energies of things which were once living return as what we commonly call ghosts. While many of the TV shows about ghosts would lead you to believe that every encounter is negative, or that traipsing around dark cemeteries or abandoned buildings is where you are most likely to encounter a ghost, real investigators - called Parapsychologists - approach the subject far differently. In this presentation we will discuss a philosophy on the afterlife, including the theories, methods, and principals which true investigators explore the subject in search of. We will also relate these aspects to some local stories of Connecticut hauntings in which we pose questions such as why are locations haunted? Why do spirits remain here? What draws them? And can anything be done about them?

About Jon Nowinski & SGRA:

Jon Nowinski has experienced the supernatural from a young age, growing up realizing that these phenomena were far more than simply overactive imaginations at work. Having the opportunity to work early-on with several of the leading experts in the paranormal research field, including John Zaffis, Stacey Jones, John Schussler, Bud Hopkins, and many others, he learned first-hand how to approach the subject with respect, caution, and understanding. In 1997 he started the Smoking Gun Research Agency, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study of paranormal, metaphysical, and unexplained phenomena. The aim of the SGRA is to help provide a resource, center, and assistance to those experiencing or questioning these subjects. The SGRA focuses on local phenomena and seeks to investigate through data, documentation, and evidence, rather than jumping to the conclusion that every bump in the night is a spirit or every light in the sky is an alien craft. And instead of rushing in to "cleanse and clear" locations of energies, the SGRA team seeks to examine why a location is deemed "haunted," what can be learned from the activity, and more importantly how people can coexist with activity rather than trying to get rid of it.