Officially touted as a stress reduction and relaxation technique, Reiki also has tremendous potential healing capabilities. It is a Japanese technique that involves channeling the universal life force energy into a client's energy field. This helps restore the proper energetic balance and therefore clears up physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual "dis-ease." Reiki is a wonderfully powerful yet gentle energy healing technique.

A Reiki session can be done with the client fully clothed, either laying down on a massage table (seen below) or sitting up in a chair (usually for mini-sessions). A full session takes approximately 1 hour, with the client laying down, relaxing. Ideally there would be calming music in the background, lit candles, and possibly even the creation of sacred space to enhance the sense of serenity.  I often combine other healing modalities, such as Sound Healing or Crystal Healing, with Reiki to enhance the client's experience.

On a personal note, I feel that one reason I work in "Corporate America" is to bring a semblance of tranquility to the stress-filled lives of the worker bees. Recently this has taken the shape of putting together a survey to gauge stress levels in the office, as well as seek input as to what kinds of mainstream and alternative measures can be taken to help employees decrease their stress levels. By spreading the word about Reiki in the office, I have had people come to me requesting it for everything from stress to back pain to headaches to posture and sciatic nerve issues. Reiki has made a tremendous difference in my life and I would like to inform others of its potential benefits.