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Roberta writes:

Wow! The aura photography session I had with you was certainly an eye-opener and life affirming for me. Your analysis and explanation of the photo combined with the very detailed, extensive Aura Chakra Report explained so many aspects of my personality self that I have questioned over the years. Knowing the personality traits of your predominant aura color is not only a confirmation of who you are and how you express yourself to the world, but is also a valuable resource to show your loved ones (with the hope that they might understand you better)! For me, having my spouse get a reading at the same time led to several very healing conversations, brought an understanding of the differences we have struggled with and caused a transformation in our relationship. The added chakra information, questions and affirmations included in the report are an excellent resource for exploration and self healing. I found all of this so helpful that I am gifting an Aura Photography session with you to the newlyweds in our family!

My Reiki, Crystal, Sound Healing session with you was phenomenal! As a Reiki Master myself, I know and have experienced all the benefits of Reiki energy work, but adding the component of crystal and sound healing made the healing work even more profound. It was my first experience with the tuning forks and I was loving every minute of it! It is a difficult sensation to describe, but I just knew and felt my various energy fields and chakras were craving the sound vibrations and felt very much "at home". I am very happy to tell you that after the session a door opened in my heart chakra; the work you did to clear the intense grief I was feeling was released and transformed. Since seeing you, my life path has taken an exciting and joyous fork in the road and I am now moving forward once again. Thank you so much for the time you spent with me using your intuitive healing abilities and all the tools you have been drawn to utilize in the healing process. I will see you again!


Donna said: 

Good morning Tim + Khadija:

When I count my blessings, I am grateful that I know the two of you. Your approach to the healing arts connects very profoundly with me.

I also wanted to give you some feedback about my sound healing session from November 6th. Every year when I go to my eye doctor, my eye pressure is in the high normal range, and increases every year. My yearly exam on November 3rd indicated high normal eye pressure from 2 exams performed that day. I was scheduled for a pupil dilation on November 11th because my doctor wanted to look for any eye/retinal damage and beginnings of glaucoma.

After our session, I experienced a bit of a "healing crisis" with a slight headache and tiredness for the next 2 days.

At my exam, my doctor expressed surprise that my eyes "were extremely healthy" and upon examination determined I had the eyes of someone 15 years younger (!). In addition, when he performed the eye pressure exam, it was normal!! He didn't believe the results so he performed it two more times--all normal readings. He had no medical explanation for this, and told me he was "almost positive" that my eyes had some kind of damage related to aging and being myopic for over 40 years.

I absolutely believe the sound healing unblocked what needed to be unblocked!! And I don't recall telling you about my upcoming eye exam--the sound waves/Reiki you performed knew where to go!!!


Keri said:

Tim is a well-educated and yet natural healer. He brings his wealth of knowledge to every healing session and yet he lets his intuition guide each healing. Every time I have experienced an energy session, I have left feeling much more centered and balanced. He has a way of knowing what each energy center needs and integrates them to work harmoniously for me once again. His instincts are always spot on, and whenever I feel “off” and in need of healing I know it is time to see him again.



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